Fox's big game duo of Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson


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Klatt is one of the best analysts/media members covering CF. He’s a so-so announcer, but he’s really good during guest appearances on Fox Sports shows.

I also like Urban on Fox’s Pregame. He’s obviously not great personality wise, but nobody else can talk X’s and O’s like him.
It is enjoyable watching Klatt smack down Cowherd just about every week.


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I actually love Joel Klatt. I get very burned out on ESPN and the bias that goes along with it. Which might put me in the minority, but I get tired of Herbie and Fowler. I'm fine with more Fox Sports Coverage and less ESPN coverage with their SEC affiliations.


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I laugh everytime I hear the SEC bias. You can't be bias when it's the truth? The SEC has the best players, best teams, stating that isn't bias.