Fort Loramie vs Cornerstone Christian


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We are to the point few of us know what really is outside of our region , or at least 50 mile radius. I have no idea on Cornerstone. I do know where they are from and they beat a guard oriented team in Dalton to get here so they must play defense well and have some ability to run the half court offense. However, Ft Loramie and Minster are the two teams I am familiar with, and have yet to figure out how I would attempt to play Loramie. I have some ideas for exposing Minster, but Loramie may be most complete team I have seen at D4 level.

Teams have tried to speed them up, didn't work. Slow them down, really doesn't work. Shoot over them, works early in game, but they will extend their defense and force multiple passes to get a look at the basket. By late game they have worn you down and with no legs shots do not fall from three point range. Do not try to post them up inside as that is the teeth of the program, size and strength.


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Cornerstone returns 4/5 starters from last year, if not all 5 starters. Last year, they really only had one player coming off the bench and she was not the same level as the starting 5. Loramie will wear them down with constant pressure and their ability to sub fresh girls in


#11 and #5 are extremely tough. #24 is long in the middle and #1 is the coaches daughter. All have been on this stage last year. experience matters


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I’d have to take Fort Loramie. The fact that they are lost 0 seniors last year and that they have potentially 10 “starters” on their bench, it’s just way too much depth. Coach Siegel will sub 5 in and 5 out in the middle of the 4th and the fresh legs will be too much to overcome