Former Elder Grad (96) awarded Silver Star


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ʺSgt. 1st Class Chad E. Lawson, a communications sergeant with Operational Detachment Alpha 3116 and deployed as part of Special Operations Task Force – South, was awarded the Silver Star for his heroics during combat operations Aug. 4, 2010, in southern Afghanistan.
“What you did, frankly, was extraordinarily heroic,” Petraeus said before pinning the medal on Lawson’s chest. “You’re team sergeant was down, others were down, and your instincts were to go and run through 500 meters of heavy machine-gun fire to the scene and rescue downed comrades.”
On that day, he and members of his team were caught in an ambush with approximately 45 insurgents attacking his unit. Lawson ran through a hail of enemy fire in order to rescue his downed team sergeant and organize forces for a medical evacuation.ʺ

HOOOOOOOOAH SFC Lawson. Your Elder Family is very proud of you. The Elder student body should honor the SFC in some way when he returns from his tour.


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Simply amazing!!!!! Reading that gave me goose bumps. Thank you Chad Lawson for protecting our country. You Sir, have my utmost respect and admiration. :clap: :thumb:


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Just awesome! Again, thank you, Chad. We are honored to have brave soldiers like you in our armed forces.
If he is back in town sometime during the fall, perhaps he could be honored during halftime of a game at The Pit?


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AWESOME story!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting it and THANK YOU to Chad for his bravery and protecting my family and our country. Also a big thank you to Chad's family for their sacrifice.

I always enjoy hearing about the young men of Elder doing well after their years at Elder, but this is something extra special. I agree that Mr. Otten and the student body should try to do something (an assembly) for Chad when he has time.

"What I had, I gave. What I saved, I lost."


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Thanks to you and all your comrades out in the field. It is people like you that allow people like us to have the freedom to type a bunch of jibberish about things that don't really matter on a message board.

Next time you are sitting around thinking you job sucks or the weather sucks just remember there are peoplle out there who have it a helluva lot worse.
Chad, your comrades in arms were lucky to have you in their unit.You are truly a profile in courage and an honored alum of Elder forever.Carry on Sergeant!


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Thank you a million times for being a true American hero. We are so proud of you for being one very brave soldier and fighting to keep our country safe. Without soldiers like you we would not have the freedom that we enjoy. Again, thank you for our courage.


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HooooAhhh! to Seargent Lawson. Thank you for your service and courage.
Elder men, please celebrate this honor to your deserving alum!!

You guys should put this on the General Board.