The orangemen are looking very good this year! Very excited to watch !

Offensive review
Return 3 out of 5 linemen
Return qb
Return tail back
Return fullback
Return receiver
Return right end
Offense returns 8 out of 11 players
Only 3 new faces.
The offensive line is bigger than last year and very quick very very quick they are are very smart hardly ever do I hear yost tell at them matter a fact the entire offense looks good I see a three man running back rotation in practice they have depth . This offense will put on a great show this along with a lot of points

Defensive review
2 out of 3 d line men
3 out of 3 in side line backers
3 out of 3 defensive secondary
1 out of 2 out side line backers
They return 9 defensive players and only have two new faces

The defense has a lot of speed and can get too the ball from what I see they are very physical and will be a hard defense to run and pass on.

Offensive players to watch :
O-line - Hamdan OG, Jones OT
Tight end - Williams , Brake
Rb- Ivery and Geer
Qb- fisher
Wr- king

Defensive players to watch :
D-line- Isenhart , Ivery
Line backers - Geer , Hamdan , Fink
Olb- King
Defensive secondary - Mackey , ray , and burch

Can't wait till week one !! Lets go orangemen !!!


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INtrasquad scrimmage for Ellet? Who looked good? How do those cheerleaders look this fall?
No cheerleaders.

Number 7 and 5 caught the most passes.
Runningbacks had a few good runs, but no break aways. Biggest run was about 25 yards.
Most impressed with 2nd team defense against the run. Nice job.

QB needs to do a better job of passing on the run. Needs to be able to go through his progressions to. Locks on to targets.


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IF I was that QB I would lock onto my target on the sideline right about where the CHEERLEADERS set up camp and throw some serious game their way! THAT is what I would be locking onto!