Football Week nine


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Freshman @ Medina Highland(Lost 28-16)
Junior Varsity @ Medina Highland(Lost 30-14)
Varsity vs. Medina Highland(Won 33-21)
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If Ellet and Barberton both win, Ellet would need a miracle to beat out Barberton.

Ellet's Max is 19.55. That includes a Tallmadge win.
Barberton's Min is 18.95. But a Tallmadge win would make the min 19.50 (just .05 behind Ellet's max)

That means Ellet would have to have all 6 of their other L2s go their way and Barberton's two games that matter for L2s go against them.


Go Buckeyes
Just looking it over, if Barberton wins, it looks like they would be playing Aurora barring any upsets.