Final Enrollment Numbers 2024-2026 (Pre-Competitive Balance)

D1 top 70

D1 breakdown by color.PNG

Lakota combined 2296 total
Hilliard combined 2085
Dublin combined 2009 (adding in D2 Scioto)
Olentangy combined 2770 (5th school coming)
Pickerington combined 1427
Westerville combined 1806 (adding in D2 Central and South)
Worthington combined 1208 (adding in D2 Kilbourne)
Southwestern School district in Columbus (Central Crossing, Grove City, Westland and Franklin Hts) is 2296 combined.

No one wants any of those as one school.
Not to mention what New Albany and Licking county will become in the next 10 years.
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Yeah, I didn't want to say anything, but I counted at least eight grammatical errors that made it virtually unreadable. But you know how the grammar police get treated on the Internet.
I'd be willing to bet he spoke into his phone and that is how it came out. That is how my phone treats me.
2023 State Semifinalists to change divisions:

• D4 Semifinalist Steubenville (UP to D3)
• D5 Champion Perry (UP to D4)
• D5 Semifinalist Valley View (UP to D4)
• D6 Finalist Versailles (UP to D5)
• D6 Semifinalist Garaway (UP to D5)
• D6 Semifinalist Columbus Grove (DOWN to D7)
• D7 Finalist Dalton (UP to D6)
• D7 Semifinalist Patrick Henry (UP to D6)
• D7 Semifinalist Caldwell (UP to D6)
Euclid down to D2 is interesting. Also leaving R1 are Wadsworth and Stow. Additions to R1 include Findlay, Whitmer and Perrysburg.
Avon and Hoban in one side of the final four. Can Massillon get back there? And who comes out of the other side with Winton Woods moving up?
Not sure how they have a CB number when “all of the kids live in the neighborhood” lol
Definitely an odd situation. Still don't understand the add back BS. I guess their base 216 would supposedly include the add backs from GA in district but who really knows.
Minster is not pleased with competitive balance :)
ML fans would rather see them in D6, especially this year. The D7 playoffs are unfortunately a bit on the ho-hum side. I do think Minster has the ability to take them down this year, so I don't want to sound arrogant like the Flyers are a lock to win state. Maybe there's a team somewhere out there poised to make a big statement, that I'm overlooking, but it does seem like Minster-Marion Local will meet in region 28 and that will wrap it up. Purely as a fan, it adds a little something when you see a team like Kirtland out there lurking. I expected that Dalton team to provide much more resistance last year but it didn't happen.
• D7 Semifinalist Caldwell (UP to D6)
• D7 Semifinalist Patrick Henry (UP to D6)
• D7 Finalist Dalton (UP to D6)
• D7 State Champion MSML (Remains in D7)

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