Filling the tank


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I just finished filling the tank on my car. The last time I filled it was March 31. Which means that I drove 48 days on one tank. So there's at least one benefit to the lock-down order.


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Agreed. Leased a new car at the end of November. We have around 2000 miles on it. We usually have to get creative to stay under the 12,000 miles per year. Not going to be a problem with this car. About 5 fill-ups in almost 6 months.


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Just filled up my truck after 3.5 weeks, so am getting better DPG (days per gallon).

Second fill up in a row with a dollar per gallon off. I'll take it.


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I had planned on using up the mileage on our lease this Spring with a Florida road trip. Now looking at turning it in 3,000+ miles under.


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I am one of like 10 people who didn't get to work from home. So I have been going through the gas at the normal pace. The lower prices made it better for a while but prices are back in the 1.80s now.