Federal League Predictions


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Again, no slight intended towards any school or fan base:

1. Perry
2. Hoover
3. Lake
4. McKinley
5. Jackson
6. Green
7. Glenoak

Dark Horse: Jackson
Team that will not meet expectations: McKinley, too much distractions this offseason, alot of great athletes and a great coaching hire, but expect a year of transition.
Questions: If Glenoak loses it's first game against South Bend will they go winless for the season?
Question: After this season will the FED look to expand? Could be lots of movement, especially if South and Minerva get out of the EBC
Playoff Teams: Hoover and Perry

Again, just my opinion, all in fun, no slight intended towards anyone


My prediction for the Federal League
1. Perry
2. Hoover
3. Lake
4. Jackson
5. MCK
6. Glenoak
7. Green

Key concern for Hoover this year will be their defense. Coach Baum stated in his interview with Big Time Sports that his defense is a concern due to the lost of experience. Offensively they are loaded with talent. Only concern they have offensively is the early season injury to one of their returning (key) receiver. He might return after the 5th game of the season.

Glenoak will be better than last year , so an early loss will not make their season.
The FED will stay the same.
Playoff teams: Hoover and Perry have a chance, but the region is loaded with good teams.
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Bull GreenDog

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Hoover 8-2 (League Champs)
Perry 7-3 (Makes Playoffs)
Jackson 7-3 (Makes Playoffs)
McKinley 6-4
Lake 6-4
Green 5-5
Glen Oak 1-9

League should be very competitive. Good luck to all the teams.


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Glenoak ...coaching...when theyve had a good staff theyve been good...the athletes are there..

Green...new kid...coaching...talent...


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I actually have it Hoover Mck Perry

I think Watley will turn in a solid campaign...the usual Ccsd noise that drags the program down no longer applies...they oughta be able to pull 1 direction


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For us on the outside.
What keeps Glenoak and Green toward the bottom of the League?
Same reason Hoover and Perry had horrible or even winless seasons: Nothing.

GO has had very good seasons in the past 10 years and will again after this blip. FL will tell you Green brings other things to the table, but not football.


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People sleeping on McK. Let's see what it looks like 10/1. I have Perry as my pre-season #1.
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1. Perry
2. McKinley
The others are going to be the bottom feeders of the league


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Interesting that GO chose to play a team from Indiana vs scheduling Boardman in week 1 who was open to a H & H.

Boardman will play Erie McDowell at home instead which probably is better anyhow. Likely a 5-7 win team vs what seems like maybe a 0-2 win team.


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I see Louisville is playing 4 of the Federal league school this year in Green, Lake, Perry and NC. I wonder what their record will be against those 4 schools this year and where they would have finished overall this year if they did join the Fed.


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We went 2-2 against those same teams last year and likely would have gone 3-4 if we played all of the Fed schools last year. We would have beaten Glenoak and probably lost to McKinley and Jackson. Let’s see how we do against Hoover, Lake, and Perry this year before we make any projections.


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No the Federal League will not expand, there are no legit candidates for expansion. No league in Ohio wants to include Massillon, and all of their baggage, and the bigger schools in the Fed don't want to add Louisville.


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I realize this is probably above your comprehension level, if you're referring to Louisville, the bigger schools don't want to add them because they are D3. If you're referring to Massillon, no one in the Fed wants to deal with the drama and baggage that the program has, as a matter of fact, there is not a single league in NE Ohio that would even consider adding Massillon because of the poor reputation that Massillon carries.


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That's ok we'll make due w/ the very good programs and rivals who do. I just think it would be huge fan interest and exciting. Though I like variety too. In a perfect world I'd prefer to play 3 or 4 and not have to join.

Lake #1 that is pretty gutsy. Should be a fun year.


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Since we were in the all American conference with Massillon years ago, and play them every year anyway,I would like to see them in the fed. To me perry seems the favorite this year unless the pups find a qb

Sliver of Hope

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SLiver is going to go knuckle-deep here and prognisticate....

1- Perry- physical and tough, I like how the Panther prowl PLAYOFFS
2- Hoover -while their vacuums may SUCK, the ball club will outscore most teams when needed- PLAYOFFS
3- Lake- several returners, need to decide what the want to do on offense with Coach D coming back from Louisville- PLAYOFFS
4- McKinley- the Pups will get paddled for pooing in the doghouse a time or two under new staff
5- Jackson- while they lose a lot, they will be better than expected and would not be surprised to see them in #4 spot
6- Green - not a lot to be happy about in Green, except for the warm weather means hottie mommies in little clothing, but will compete
7- GlenOak- Tough times in Plain Township.....I think they will still get 2-3 wins though.