Federal League 2022

Who will win the Federal League in 2022?

  • GlenOak Golden Eagles

    Votes: 7 4.7%
  • Green Bulldogs

    Votes: 14 9.4%
  • Hoover Vikings

    Votes: 11 7.4%
  • Jackson Polar Bears

    Votes: 9 6.0%
  • Lake Blue Streaks

    Votes: 34 22.8%
  • McKinley Bulldogs

    Votes: 61 40.9%
  • Perry Panthers

    Votes: 13 8.7%

  • Total voters


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McKinley Green Recap

Bull GreenDog

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Robbie Klockner (Green) 144/245 1,626 yards 21 TD 7 INT
Carson Dyrlund (Hoover) 47/79 644 yards 8 TD 1 INT
Cale Jarvis (Lake) 30/48 589 yards 7 TD 3 INT

Jason Davide (Jackson) 100 carries 657 yards (6.6 YPC) 12 TD
De'Andre Church (Perry) 115 carries 603 yards (5.2 YPC) 11 TD
Nino Hill (McKinley) 53 carries 518 yards (9.8 YPC) 6 TD
Adrion Burt (GlenOak) 54 carries 459 yards (8.5 YPC) 3 TD
Luke Roach (Hoover) 92 carries 444 yards (4.8 YPC) 3 TD

Zach Baglia (Green) 51 Rec 732 yards 9 TD
Dylan Snyder (Lake) 11 Rec 319 yards 4 TD
Mason Ashby (Hoover) 23 Rec 313 yards 5 TD
Jarrett Taylor (Green) 23 Rec 303 yards 5 TD
Zach Braucher (Hoover) 15 Rec 299 yards 3 TD

Jack McKelley (Hoover) 9
Ethan Baluch (Lake) 7.5
Mikey Schaal (Green) 7.5
Luke Griguolo (Hoover) 7
Jayden Mauser (Jackson) 6.5

Evan Brady (Lake) 5
Joey Garro (Lake) 3
Jack McKelley (Hoover) 3


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I guess all y’all ( including myself ) were wrong about McKinley’s ranking. I believe some comments were “the program is dead and never coming back”. In reality most Stark teams (except Massillon) were playing cream puffs and McK started with a tough road schedule plus they always struggle against Perry.


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I think the Panthers might of had a little Jackson hangover early in the game tonight. The Leps threw a new wrinkle in tonight moving their WR to QB, their QB to tailback, running a modified I formation using the option as their main weapon, with their tailback throwing on several occasions. Came back and took the lead over a pesky Louisville team at the half 19-14. Rolled in the second half and had another scoring drive stopped on the Leopards 5 with a fumble In the fourth quarter. Panthers defense came up with 4 interceptions in the second half that helped turned the tide. No pick 6’s, but all but one ended up a scoring drive. Final 40-14.
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My brief attempt to rank the league:

1. Lake -- They've shown defensive prowess and this might be their year. However this is a very tenuous #1 until next week.
2. McKinley -- They undoubtedly played the hardest schedule in the league and may assume the top spot in 7 days.
3. Perry -- Final team outside of Lake and McKinley with a realistic say in the ultimate champion(s).

4. GlenOak -- I don't want to rank the Eagles this high, but I'm deferring to strength of schedule. Jax/GO will tell a lot next week.
5. Jackson -- The Bears probably shouldn't be this high either. They have complete games one week and then next they don't.
6. Green -- Have given up 206 points defensively. They're not bad, but that's not sustainable.
7. Hoover -- Against their only real competition they've faltered by a pair of 42-9 blowouts.

This will be mixed up again very shortly without a doubt.


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McKinley's early games have never been a good indication of how they will end up. they historically always improve as the season goes on.
Lake being a smaller school generally has less depth at position and has often been hindered by injuries late in the season. Let's hope everyone is healthy and look forward to a very competitive game.

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Drew Pasteur has the league teams ranked this way:

#45 Lake
#49 McKinley
#66 Perry
#137 Jackson
# 141 GlenOak
# 142 Green
# 145 Hoover

So, the top 3 teams are very close, and the other 4 are very close. I'm not sure there's a single league game left where anyone can say with even 80% certainty who will win. Amazingly, every single Federal League team has already won a league game.


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Jackson 38 GlenOak 0
Hoover 24 Perry 14
McKinley 36 Lake 26
Louisville 27 Green 23 (!)

While McK/Lake is about what you'd reasonably expect, it sure doesn't seem like the other three games are what anyone called for...