Favorite TV characters?


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Who are your favorite TV characters o all time?

Lenny Brisco of law and order.
Al Bundy of married with children and Vic Mackey of The Shield would get my votes.


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Rust Cohle
Al Swearengen
Seth Bullock/Raylan Givens
Mike Ehrmantrout
Dale Cooper
Al Bundy
Carl- ATHF
Kenny Powers
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Detective Frank Pembleton - Homicide Life on the Streets
John Reese - Person of Interest
Hawk - Spenser for Hire
William - This is Us
Jarrod - The Pretender
Gary Hobson - Early Edition

Mr. Slippery

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Al Bundy - Ed O'Neill (Youngstown Ursuline HS grad, FYI)
Ranger Cordell Walker - Chuck Norris
Fred G. Sanford - Redd Foxx
George L. Costanza - Jason Alexander
Lt. Norman Buntz - Dennis Franz
Captain Francis X. Furillo - Daniel J. Travanti


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James Gandolfini-Tony Soprano-The Sopranos
Charlie Hunnam-Jax Teller-Sons of Anarchy
Dennis Franz-Andy Sipowicz-NYPD Blue


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Tobias Funke
Paulie Walnuts
Silvio Dante
Dale Gribble
Randy Marsh
Roger the alien
Jim Lahey
Charlie Kelly
Phil Dunphy
George Costanza


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Chalkie White- Boardwalk Empire
Richard Harrow- Boardwalk Empire
Andy Griffith- Andy Griffith
Sherman Potter- MASH
Sam Malone- Cheers
Gomez Addams- The Adams Family
Jesse Pinkman- Breaking Bad
Winters- Band of Brothers
Paulie Walnuets- Sopranos
Dwight Shrute- The Office
Boyd Crowder- Justified
Roger Sterling- Mad Men
Elizabeth Jennings- The Americans
Claire Underwood- House of Cards
Gary Walsh- Veep


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Raylan/Seth Bullock
Tony Soparano
Andy Sipowitz
Sydney Bristow
Jack Bauer
Michael Scott
Frank Reagan
Mick Belker
Doug Ross
Cliff Huxtable


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Norm Peterson

emmm, yeah that's the only one I can easily think of I'd look forward to their appearance. There are probably others.