Favorite Thanksgiving traditions

Air hockey is awesome!

My gramma always buys a small loaf of bread (more like a roll) and we take turns tearing a piece off and telling the table what we're thankful for.
Whole family used to go to La Scala Italian restaurant in Columbus every Thanksgiving when our family used to own it. Closed it down and had it all to ourselves, which was cool. Haven't done anything of note since then. Running in the Turkey Trot in Columbus this year
Last year we went to galtlinburg and rented a cabin. Not really a tradition, but I could dig making it one. Gatlinburg is surprisingly packed this time of year. Good time.
As a "hillbilly", for me it would be pheasant hunting the morning of before going home taking a nap and getting ready to feed my face with turkey and all the trimmings.
I play Apples to Apples with my cousins and we get all messed up on wine. It's a nice way for us to connect as some live in Denver and Chicago. All of my cousins are now over 21 as of a week ago, so we are probably going to go to the bars after dinner.
Alice's Restaurant. Guys downstairs in the Den with the big screen. Women upstairs in the dining room talking smack about the guys down in the den. Figuring out which kid belongs to who.