Favorite Ohio High School Field to Watch a Game?

If you are ever up in SE Michigan Kurtansky Field at Airport High School has been a GEM since the early 90's but I might be a little bias.


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Does Clay still play at Oregon Rec? Probably the worst Spring weather I've ever experienced for baseball at any level. Absolutely brutal with the winds coming off the lake
Yes. If looking at a forecast and it shows 60 degrees with a SW wind it is dynamite. If it shows 60 degrees with a NE wind pack a parka because it will be closer to 40.

They have revamped the field a couple years ago. Turf infield and grass outfield. New press box going in this year.


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Homer take, but Mercy Field (Toledo CC) is one of the best in the area. All turf field, no "short porches," great facilities, don't even get me started on the concessions...
Agreed, great venue. Have they replaced the original turf? That was the only downfall IMO.


I agree with you about Defiance. I can't say about Elmwood I have never been there. Has anyone seen Carmel? I think it is a beautiful field!
I went to Elmwood so I know that field well even though it has changed over the years. I seen defiance the same year it opened. Where is Carmel at I know there is a city named Carmel by Indianapolis but not sure if your talking about that