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Roll Me Away!
Jewel really seduces the crowd in this one. I also love her scat in here especially when she goes one on one with the guitar. She shows unbelievable range in her voice.


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This could go in a lot of different directions...

Interesting that you started with a performance video, I wonder how many will be more traditional MTV type videos.

Pre MTV>

1980s era MTV>

More recent>

And one of the best performances videos ever made>

gneiss rocks

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Couple newer songs from Sturgill Simpson, the whole album is animated and available on netflix, best animated video's since The Wall, IMO.



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1957 ~ rotate the tires...

... you can never go wrong when you do the right thing.


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Roll Me Away!
Auggie, love the old Peter Gabriel MTV type videos. He was quite creative and artistic. But I love this live performance of In Your Eyes. The only thing I wish there was more of in this is the woman's voice. There are two parts one at the beginning and then later on(@ 6:45) when she harmonizes. Her voice is hypnotic.



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Sometimes you just need a little mindless burst of energy.
F-ing hilarious. And, to think this song was at the top of the charts for 53 straight weeks!

Old people. LOLOL

My favorite is on this site and shown below.

One on the insider site piqued my interest and compelled a look-see.

And, of course there is my girl in this video. :D

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