Favorite Christmas Gift as a Kid

Mr. Slippery

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Surprised nobody has mentioned the best Christmas gift I ever received: a Lionel train set. Each year on my birthday and Christmas after I got an accesory, e.g., the two handled transformer so I could handle two trains at once. (we had avery large basement)
My train set was a birthday gift.

Mr. Slippery

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Mine was American Flyer, S gauge. More realistic than the three rail Lionels. It was from Sears and the layout came in one foot by one foot blocks that were tied together to assemble it. Quick set-up and quick take down.
I had a 3-rail Lionel which was O scale. Their HO scale had the more aesthetically pleasing 2 rails but was a much smaller scale. My buddy had an N-scale train which was too flippin' small to handle.



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I don't remember the green case, mine was cream colored>

We use to pass this back and forth in class at grade school. The nuns hated this thing.
The creamed colored one was the first one. The green one came a year or so later. You could make the green one go to 'pro 3 ' & 'pro 4' . Defense was super fast on pro 4, especially with fresh batteries


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Parker Brothers Football was our game of choice! Had a book that showed the percentages of each play, etc. We still crack it out around Christmas time each year~