Favorite 2020 Super Bowl Commercial?


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Can't say it was my favorite as I didn't see/notice many but Maisie Williams is adorable.


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Weathertech. I like dogs better than most people, so the google ad didn’t nearly have the same impact on me


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The one where the big muscular guy kept tearing off his muscles and then couldn't bench the bar. It was a RocketMortgage commercial.


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I liked the one that showed 'Alexa' all the way back to medieval times.
However I look at these commercials the way I look at the NBA All Star slam dunk competition. We've seen them all- its gonna take A LOT to wow me after all these years seeing clever commercials/dunks

Side note- while not a commercial I liked the beginning of the game where the kid was running through different cities coming across NFL players , then actually run the ball into the stadium real time