Fast 10K (PR) for Emily Infeld last night - 31:08.57 (4th place)


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This was an event in which the participants were mostly part of the Bowerman Track Club and was held for the sole purpose of helping the athletes achieve qualification for the Olympic Trials/Olympic Standard. Pacers were used to help with that goal. It was successful as five men and five women achieved the time needed.

There is another, larger, meet being held this upcoming weekend in Austin, Texas - The Texas Qualifier. There are more events being held, the 800 through the 10,000. There will more than likely be pacers for this event also. Texas will be back to its normal winter weather by that time.
I do not see where it was run. I assume it was outdoor since it was 10k.
This pandemic has made it so that there really are no rules in terms of when and where competition is being run. UNLV hosted an outdoor meet a few weekends ago, XC races have been going on, indoor meets are still going on, the NCAA National XC championship is next month... The Northern Arizona distance men have pretty much blown off indoor competition this season to focus on XC. Others are doing the same.


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Specialty "meets" have HAD to be structured like this in the U.S. given that universities have shut out unattached & pro athletes from their meets, which have been the entire foundation of our Olympic development system for the last 100+ years!