ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit calls out Deandre Baker over Sugar Bowl decision


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I definitely agree with him here. If you are injured or have a real reason for not playing, you have a right to be on the sideline. If you are just protecting your assets by not playing in the game, you are no longer apart of the team and shouldn't be on the sideline.

It seems that ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit is not a fan of Georgia defensive back Deandre Baker sticking around the Georgia team, despite sitting out of the Sugar Bowl.

After initially saying he would play in Georgia’s bowl game, Baker reversed course and made the decision to skip Georgia’s bowl game against Texas in the Sugar Bowl.

On ESPN’s College GameDay, Herbstreit really questioned why Baker was still with the team, as the Georgia defensive back did make the trip with the team to New Orleans.

“If you’re not going to play, don’t be on the sideline though,” Herbstreit said. “Get the hell out of here. If you’re not here to play, just get on out.”
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That's on the Georgia players and staff IMO. If I were on the staff, I wouldn't want him there. If I were a player I wouldn't want him there either. But they, UGA allowed it to happen so Herstreit shouldn't be that upset by it.


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While in general I agree ... I understand why schools would allow it. It is all about recruiting ... just look at college basketball ... specifically Kentucky ... they embraced the ‘one and done’ philosophy ... and all the studs went there ... so what happened ... others(Duke) started also embracing it ... so now college football coaches want to show the elite players ... they are on their side ... are willing to do what is best for the players ... while the old school coach in me doesn’t like it ... the new school coaches need to embrace the notion that they are there for the player’s best interests ... for recruiting.


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I concur with Herbie on this, but also realize it is all about recruiting and they have to coddle and kiss these kids and future kids .

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Herbie is certainly not immune from making stupid statements.
He’s still one of the better game analysts.

As far as I’m concerned the decision on a ‘sit-out’ player attending a bowl game should be made by his team. No reason for an announcer to even comment on it.

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Right, not wanting to risk millions by sitting out a meaningless game doesn't take away the blood and sweat those players poured into the program for 3-4 years.