Elizabeth Whaley 4:49.11(now 4:39.71 All-Time State & Cincy record @ Regional)


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I hear from her new coach tonight, Coach Botham:
"They don’t actually travel alternates for the U20 category. But if either of the top two back out of the race, she may have the opportunity to go. But as of now, the top two women in front of her have declared to race. "


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As an addendum, while academic at this point given Ms. Whaley's wonderful 4:23.00 1500m Cincinnati-area record, I can now say that Marie Kastrup DID IN FACT compete for Mt. Notre Dame in 1975. She did so at least once at the Reading Girls' Invitational on 19 April 1975. She won both the mile (5:12.9) and the 880 (2:26.0). The results are in the Sunday, 20 April 1975 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer. While MND may not have had an official team, I don't know presently, she is listed as affiliated with MND for at least that meet during the school calendar year.