Elder News Network

Just want to say, the Cody Faith kid who filled in did a really good job. He’s got a strong voice for broadcasting.
Isn’t this football season the 20th anniversary of the first game Elder streamed live?
Does anybody know how successful this program has been in getting students college scholarships and even successful careers in broadcasting?
No. That was last November. It was the Anderson playoff game in 2003.
Elder has a long tenure of offering courses in broadcasting and journalism. I remember back in 1970/1971 attending summer courses at Elder when I was in grade school. Charlie Hotchkiss was the instructor and part of his class was having us go up to the tower and tape, record and edit a simulated news broadcast. It was a great experience. I'm sure Dennis Janson, the late John Fay and Bill Hemmer were glad they had access to that type of curriculum during their time at Elder.

Denny and John will be inducted into the Cincinnati Journalism Hall of Fame this coming September.

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