ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference) 2019-2020

I was going to ask about Anderson and West Clermont.

Both places may be in tough shape to "bring in" someone with a teaching job.

Options may be limited.


Turpin SHOULD be on top....see if they learn to play defense. Coach said the kids wouldn't plan man they sat in a zone. See if that works again.

Overall, I think this league has been a huge disappointment since West Clermont joined....none of the teams seem to carry the weight around the city many had hoped. League champs arent making it past the 1st or 2nd game.

The GMC and GCL are too darn good with too much player depth per team. I just don't see that team to team depth in this league.A lot of these division 1 teams cannot put 5 "good" players on the floor" that kills against a GMC or GCL team
Turpin and WH very respectable in tourney!!!!
Always seems like a pretty simple place to start for me:
1) Are things going well in the program and the coach decided to hang it up or move along? Then look at promote from within first.
2) If things weren't real good and coach left, or coach got asked to leave, then get new blood.


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they havent even done interviews, so who knows who else they will consider. just 2 names I have heard

little miami will be looking for a new head coach as well


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Just terrible news from this morning:

From McNicholas coach Tim Monahan
"I am at a loss for words on hearing about the passing of Danny. He was a joy to speak to everytime I saw him. I know one thing, he loved God, his family and his @AHS_BoysHoops players and coaches. He truly was a one of a kind coach and a great individual. This is a tough one."