EBC 2019 recap 2020 early outlook

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Congratulations to Alliance and Salem for making the playoffs, both clearly over matched but they did earn the right to play in week 11. Great season for Marlington, a couple of bad breaks and playing in brutal region really hurt them. The remaining teams had rough years. I know it's really early but what's the 2020 outlook for your teams?

I really think the league as a whole will get better next year, a lot of teams were pretty young in 2019.
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Minerva only loses 2 seniors and returns some key players. They only had about a 22 man roster (grades 10-12) this year. Next year, if everyone in grades 9, 10 and 11 return we will still only have a 30 man roster in 2020. Rumor has it that more kids are coming back out again. We do have 15 juniors which may be the biggest sr class since 2013. But overall, the Lions need more kids playing!

There will be some good football players coming back and will be a good core. Offensively, Williams and Burress are very good O-Linemen. Common is a good running back with good size at 205., Markins has a lot of speed and Martineau can make plays. Defensively Burress is a tough 285 lb linemen, Williams (225)and Common (205) are very good linebackers. Costea, Markins and Martineau are solid defensive backs.

The key is for the "fringe" players to get better. Sophomores Louive, Murray, Phillips, Kibler and Costea all show potential and all have plenty of varsity experience. Most would have played JV at other schools but they were pressed into action in Minerva. Juniors Hanley (250) and Hurst (250) will be back as O-linemen and need to get bigger stronger and faster. Both had decent years. Also, Juniors John, Walker and Moore can all help. There are few freshmen that saw playing time and should help. Haines (190 lb lineman), Monter (290 lb lineman) and Benedicit (240 lb lineman). These 3 can be a huge help to the O and D lines

In 2020 the Lions will have a very good core coming back will probably the best returning starters we had since 2014. The question is will they be able to fill in around those kids. If kids don't step up I can see another long year with 2 to 3 wins. If kids step up I can see 500 or better.

This is the time of year when Coach Hundley earns he money. Can he get more kids out? Will the kids buy into the off season program? Only time will tell.

I think Alliance will be the team everyone is chasing and the rest of the teams will be pretty balanced.

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The think the EBC will be a much better conference in 2020. Hopefully Alliance is back down to D3 because they will be very good.

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I think Minerva will finish with a couple wins. I think they have a great RB trio and seem to play more physical at the point of attack then prior years.

Alliance is easily the favorite. They have 19 straight league wins. Will they win some Non conference games?? They beat Hubbard which propelled them into the playoffs but got whooped by Chardon and Canfield, and blew the Niles game.

Marlington will interesting because they are now going to be going through a stretch of weaker classes for the next 5-6 years. I’m curious to see how they will do in 2020. My guess is they won’t finish 2nd but they have a strong staff and tradition so I think that itself carries weight.

West Branch is a total anomaly to me, I think they have the talent and the ingredients to be successful, but it’s not happening for some reason. Curious to hear WB people. I know 2-8 is not sitting well with them. Personally felt Dota got screwed.

Salem loses a lot but returns Johnson at QB and will have the keys to the car for three years and whether you like him or not his father is a great coach. I wish they played a tougher Non league schedule.

Carrollton I think might be the dark horse of the league. They were really young and played competitive with Alliance, Salem, and Marlington. Tough defense, just gotta find some ways to create some offense.

Canton South is well coached, plays inspired football. They just don’t have the horses to compete with Marlington and Alliance on a yearly basis. However their incoming freshman class is one of the best they have had in years. I’d imagine a few of these kids will play on Friday nights next year.