DriveLine Certified


I'm not sure if DriveLine "Certified" is even a thing. If it is, are there any pitching instructors in the Cincinnati area who are 'certified' and run a good off season velocity program? Say October - November - December. We are weighing the jump in velo vs. potential for injury that is the hot Driveline topic.
Driveline pitching cert just became available. Idk if anyone would of even had the time to finish the course work to actually be certified.
I would advise you to go to their website and actually read their programming. Pulldowns (as seen on twitter & instagram) are a very small part of the whole when it comes to Drivelines velo development. Plyoball drills, long toss, and armcare are the bulk of what is done on a weekly basis.

Saying velo vs injury is like saying you shouldn't lift weights bc it might cause injury. Yes there is a risk but I dont see many major leaguers that sit in bubble wrap all day.


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My son works with a guy trained in the Top Velocity program. It is super safe. Does not have weighted balls or include arm acceleration training. Direct message me if you want some details. The program is all over youtube.