Division IV - Region 16 Championship: Wyoming vs. Valley View

Who wins?

  • Wyoming by 15+

    Votes: 15 28.3%
  • Wyoming by 8-14

    Votes: 18 34.0%
  • Wyoming by 1-7

    Votes: 6 11.3%
  • Valley View by 1-7

    Votes: 11 20.8%
  • Valley View by 8-14

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Valley View by 15+

    Votes: 2 3.8%

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The IH vs Wyoming game part 2 was decided by turnovers. It was 7-7 at half. Indian hill took the opening kick of the 2nd half, fumbled on the first play of the possession(after an 8 yard gain). Wyoming then drove the ball 48 yards to take the lead. WYO kicks, IH fumbles on first play of their second possession. WYO took the ball down and scored again. Game over.

It was a great game in the first half. IH played man the whole game, brought the safety down in the box to help stop Prater. An injury later in the game to the IH safety hurt their ability to stop Prater. The turnovers offensively killed IH.

In the first half WYO ran primarily behind their blocking back. He'd take you to the play almost every time. In the second half, they switched it up and used the blocking back as a decoy and threw off IH's reads. WYO found more room to run in the second half from that little adjustment.

I counted 36 players on the sideline for IH last week. I didn't count Wyoming's sideline but they had more than that (guessing 50+).

If VV has the ability to matchup with WYO and play with an extra guy in the box keeping pressure on Prater, they can stop him. The real question is does VV have the ability to move the ball on WYO's defense. Their defense is the strength of their team this year.


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Prater hadn’t been held to less than 4 yards per carry all year until that point, and in his last three contests before IH part 2, he averaged around 10. He was held in check considering prior circumstances. Indian Hill found something that worked, because the first time they played, he ran for 300.
That number would have been over 4 yards/carry if not for 2 big unforced losses. They definitely bottled him up better than the 300 he went for in game 1 but once Wyoming got up 1 score they went very conservative, running primarily between the tackles and actually handed the ball to the tailbacks 21 times. They gave it to the tailbacks 9 times in the first game. They knew IH had nothing for them offensively.


Looks like it’s gonna be a wet night. Does VV rely on the pass a lot? Is this going to have a potential effect on their offensive game plan? This certainly helps Wyoming as they are at their best when they run, so I would anticipate lots of Prater, Hester and Thomas.


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The Regional Final is set with Wyoming vs. Valley View, two playoff rivals over the years. Both teams will be familiar with one another. When talking about Prater, he sounds a great deal like Cradlebaugh of Valley View. Against Clinton Massie he threw for 300 yards but against Roger Bacon he rushed for over 200 yards. The dual threat QB's will score points, but the defenses could be the difference. I would think this game comes down to the two defenses. Both teams have offenses that can put up points, but which defense can limit the other offense will be key. I worry a lot about VV getting enough pressure up front to help it's secondary not have to cover quite as long. It could be the single biggest factor in the game.
VV will need to man up and bring the safety up load the box and the stop the run first and make them beat you with the pass. Poor weather this evening for throwing . VV QB is a load to bring down. I think his play could be the difference, if he plays mistake free football and a good game running the ball.


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End of 1
Wyoming and VV tied at 0

both teams feeling each other out VV in Wyoming territory following Praters fumble on VVs 35 the series before


19-0 cowboys. Appears to be the Evan Prater show as he’s got 3 rushing TDs. Defense clearly doing their job too.


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There’s no question who the better team is. #8 for Wyoming is a beast on both sides of the ball. Not looking good for the Spartans.


26-0 Cowboys. Not there but based on twitter comments, sounds like the O line and defense for the cowboys is in total control.


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#18 for VV seems to be a great match up every play ... can’t figure out why we aren’t trying to get the ball into his hands