Division 3 Region 10 Regional Site Change


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The OHSAA has been notified that Tiffin cannot hold the regional this year due to some temporary facility issues. Due to this, the 2022 Division 3 Region 10 Regional Tournament will be held at Port Clinton High School. To allow for the extra travel time needed by the schools field events will start at 4:30 pm, with running starting at 6:00 pm.

Affected schools can get more information from their coach or school athletic administrator.


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I will agree, Massillon Perry can make some improvements, but it probably is the best regional site for the athletes that has held this region in the past 30 years. Moving the throwing area closer to the track did make things more crowded, but was fantastic for those kids and most coaches. Using the football area was also great for the kids for warmup and team entrance. Also, the facility layout is good (PV/LJ can go two ways, parking is adequate, award podium, PA system is good, etc.). However, there are two problems that stand out which need to be looked at and fixed by next year IMO. First, like others have mentioned, is the lack of seating for many. Portable stands could be placed at the west end of the bleechers - in front of the LJ pit - and another set at the end of the straightaway-at the HJ end. Also, 4-5 sets of bleachers on the backstretch, outside the fence. Either Perry, or the OHSAA (both) needs to address this. If the get the bleachers that have 4-5 rows (Our school have some for baseball/softball) that sit 50-100 people…. They are not difficult to move. That would provide seats for about 500 more people. They would be used.
Also, the track surface is pretty bad in spots. I see where they have “patched” it in some places, but the high wear areas are down to asphalt in some areas. It probably needs a total resurface and painted with the new relay arrows.

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Drop division 2… I don’t think it would happen, though. I’m fine with the Canton area, but there are better options than Perry..
If DIII did not have to compete the same days as DI, then there would be several more options. Not sure any of the "better" options in the Canton area want to host the same days that they're off competing at regionals. It's a wonder that Perry did despite being in that same situation. The best way to move forward is to deliver your complaints to your coaches. If you are a coach, deliver your complaints to your OATCCC reps.

There is a DIII school located 1 mile down the road from Perry. They have much more seating and a newer track than Perry. They have plenty of room for team camps both inside and outside the stadium, they have plenty of bathrooms, and they have concession stands on both sides of the stadium. The field event venues are hit or miss (Perry is better for throws and PV, IMHO). The parking is not as good as Perry, nor would the parking be available as early as at Perry if it's a school day. Lastly, the school would likely come up woefully short on having enough people to work the meet or on people who would know what they're doing at a track meet. That DIII school was asked about potentially hosting this regional back when the complaints about Fairless were too numerous to ignore (incidentally, Fairless no longer wanted the meet anyway). However, that DIII school's track was in no condition to host this regional when asked. Some of the other sites that are probably on some of your minds were mentioned in that conversation, so I have no reason to believe they weren't asked at some point. There's probably a good reason the meet isn't at any of them.
Our yearly track schedule consists of LaBrae,Lakeview,Mineral Ridge,Crestview,Newton Falls,Champion and Cuyahoga heights. Perry is by far the worst facility we run at at and for it to be at regionals is very disappointing every year.