DIV State Semifinal: Steubenville vs. Kettering Alter

Who wins?

  • Steubenville by 1-8

    Votes: 23 21.7%
  • Steubenville by 9-16

    Votes: 13 12.3%
  • Steubenville by 17+

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Alter by 1-8

    Votes: 23 21.7%
  • Alter by 9-16

    Votes: 18 17.0%
  • Alter by 17+

    Votes: 28 26.4%

  • Total voters
Trust me, y’all getting blown out next week. Enjoy for now though.

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Trust me, y’all getting blown out next week. Enjoy for now though.
Shouldn't you have moved on to basketball since Perkins lost? I remember 2007 Division 4 Mooney was unbeatable and ranked in the Top 10 nationally. Beat the Division 1 runner up (Mentor) and the WPIAL champs (Gateway). That trophy is hanging out with the Coldwater Cavs who supposedly didn't have a chance either. Take your L and go put your Jordan's on... your season is over.

Alter has got a very solid team from the looks of this playoff run.
Could Steubie be any more undisciplined. How can they be 13-1 playing like this.

It's time for Steubie to show so dignity.
It's been a bit of Jeckyll and Hyde this year for Big Red. Not sure it mattered which team showed up today though. Quite obvious Alter is the better team.
This is worse than what Burrow and company did when Athens went on the road and just had their way and this is a final 4 game
Like I said, you won a weak region and you are obviously playing an even weaker regional winner. Don’t be silly. But like I said, enjoy it while you can. Y’all getting that whooped next Friday.
Hope you’re enjoying watching the knights play. Enjoy that seat on the couch next week while the knights are playing in canton. Accept your losses and get ready for basketball season. Go knights!