Dayton area had 2 very good scoreless games last night

Matt Goeller

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I attended Oakwood vs. Monroe , both d2 teams, unbeaten, in an SWBL game. Midfield play was very good, as both teams are strongest there. Oakwood keeper had two excellent saves including on in the first couple of minutes of play. Both teams had three or so very good chances to score. More proof, soccer is a difficult game to pay. Outstanding effort, cleanly played, great to watch. They will meet again later inthe season.

Also had a friend updating me on GCL coed clash between Alter and Caroll. That one ended in a 0-0 draw as well. I am told a very enjoyable game for a neutral spectator as well.

Watching two well matched teams play to a scoreless draw is always evidence to me as to why this is the beautiful game.