David Lee Morgan interview on Massillon Tigers book


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We hope to keep you entertained through this difficult time! Listen to BTSToday🎙 with Joe Dunn & Ryan Beltz as they fall with David Lee Morgan about his upcoming book on the 2019 Massillon Tigers 🏈 team “15 for 15”

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Is this the same thing as Tiger King-The story of Massillon on Netflix?


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Never heard of the guy. Can someone provide some insight on him?
"Boona" (his nickname) is my guy! I grew up with his sister (she's my sister's age; 4 years older than me). He covered LeBron for the Akron Beacon Journal and wrote his first book. He now teaches at Massillon and was on their football staff last year.

Great guy!



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Can you at least come up with a second topic to discuss? Jesus Lord son you are pitiful.
Ok, how about your awful reading and math proficiency scores at your fine school? Teach kids to read and do math vs. not winning titles. We already know you're very proficient at not winning titles.


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Worse test scores, crime, and especially all the beatings the last several years has finally turned m2sense from Canton into SayMyName from Jackson. Too funny. But mostly sad, for him.