D VII State Championship: New Bremen (9-2) vs Warren JFK (9-2)

Who wins?

  • New Bremen

    Votes: 100 70.4%
  • Warren JFK

    Votes: 42 29.6%

  • Total voters


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Final DVII Top 5:

1. New Bremen
2. Lima Central Catholic
3. Marion Local
4. Fort Loramie
5. John F. Kennedy

There could be an argument for St. Henry to be in the top 5.
Interesting. My next thought. The OHSAA rebranded itself to allow all in. At what point do they get to the thought process of reseeding the regionals. Could have Arlington or tiffin Calvert made a run? What about my knights. Not on the same level as new Bremen but could they have knocked off a Lucas or JFK? We know small schools will travel. Does it work on higher levels? By this chart, four or five of the top 6 come from NW/West Ohio. I’d be interested to see if the OHSAA reconsiders all teams in next year and eventually looks to reseed the top 8.


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Not seeing any film of the Cards this year, I knew the simple fact they beat MSML and LCC and are a fundamentally sound football team (as MAC schools always are) meant the Eagles would need to play mistake free football and bring their best game, which they didn't. Congrats to New Bremen, I love it when a school who's never reached the summit gets there. Great to see.

Well done, JFK- at the start of the year I didnt expect us to have a run to end up in the title game. I'd be disappointed if it was a game "we shoulda won" but the better team won today and there's no shame in that. Great season, hold your heads up.



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i will go one week further with LORAMIE the week before> with how they had msml on the ropes the week before many thought it was their year>
that was HUGE... a big line of the Fort got controlled by the Cards... i would of bet a whole lot of money before the game that Loramie would have had more the 8 yards rushing for the game....