D III State Championship: Chardon (11-0) vs. Columbus St. Francis DeSales (9-1)

Who wins?

  • Chardon

    Votes: 76 75.2%
  • DeSales

    Votes: 25 24.8%

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The Dock

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Ironically, the reversal of the Hook-n-Ladder may have been very fortunate for Chardon. Downed the ball at the DeSales 6, which compressed the box against the Stallions. Quick 3-n-out gets the ball back to Chardon from where they hit the quick wheel route to put them in striking distance down 7.

Compare that to it being a one-score game but DeSales likely having the ball further up-field (SFD >25) as a result of the kickoff... more field for the Stallions to possibly rip a spill or tunnel screen and get a first down with the clock rolling.

The Dock

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I loved Chardons QB quote: we've been together since the 2nd grade, DeSales can't say that.
I’m not a big fan of these quotes because they emphasize a weird ‘othering’ that - we would hope - otherwise aren’t baked into kids’ minds.

And the only fundamental reason why DeSales wouldn’t have all its kids from one grade school is because whatever grade school would be 15-20% the enrollment of Chardon’s middle school(s.) If DeSales was a one middle-school feeding pattern, they would be D7.
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Man I feel terrible for that kicker. I was hoping he would tie it up and the game go on. Ya know he will feel it for a long time.

Carol Danvers

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Not sure why someone needs to make that comment. You just won. I was happy for Chardon since from the general area, but that comment is just unnecessary. You won man, get on with it
That and the fact that some of their very good players played at St. Mary's in CYO in 6th-8th grade. So maybe most of them played together. Actually, I remember Chardon youth football had a split for a few years and played in two different leagues. Maybe the QB was just excited and didn't remember this. Or he meant they played together at recess. Either way Congratulations to Coach Hewitt and the Hilltoppers!

Go Herd

Glad to see Chardon win. They put an end to the ol Catholic school division drop down trick used by DeSales this year.
Sorry Pal. No Drop Down. The only drop down is your quote.
Congrats Chardon. You finally got the test you needed this season
and you pulled it off. Great Win.