D III State Championship: Chardon (11-0) vs. Columbus St. Francis DeSales (9-1)

Who wins?

  • Chardon

    Votes: 76 75.2%
  • DeSales

    Votes: 25 24.8%

  • Total voters


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Chardon’s line may have worn out everyone they have played this year but I don’t think the Stallion line is showing any wear at the half. I would be shocked if DeSales line gets dominated the second half. TC you are absolutely right QQ is a beast and for sure will get stronger in the 2nd half. Would like to sprinkle some more Thompson in too!

The Dock

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What the hell is Chardon doing with a HB pass? Game’s tied, you can set the tempo finally with your offense and shorten the game. Nope!


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Congratulations Chardon. Hell of an effort.
No quit in those boys. You definitely earned the victory. Let the celebration begin.