CVNP - Things that make it the best invitational in the state.


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Is it the inconvenient parking 2 miles from the course?
The way it takes you back to your childhood riding a packed bus up and down hills and around curves with the heat cranked and no air?
The way it forces you to make decisions like port-o-potty or the woods!
The 18 foot difference between starting box 1 elevation and box 29?
Instead of sounding a PR gong, they have Pet a Opossum for Pr's for middle schoolers and Kiss a Coyote for high schoolers. (Don't worry, no one PR's)
Coach Howard tested out hit a Raccoon with a curtain rod a few years ago, but it went as badly as you would expect it to.
Is it the beautiful Fall foliage that results in 70% of attendees being charged with a felony for taking leaves out of a national park?
Is it the 1/2 mile of actual race you can see?
The 1 minute added to your next slowest time of the year?
The team camps on a 45 degree incline?
Cutting the course is more of a disadvantage.

Not sure if I can choose my favorite thing, but it's the best meet of the year!
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This was my favorite meet every year when I was in high school. Killer Hill will forever be burned in my brain. Real cross country for sure!!


Meet is so tough the kids would schedule their ACT the day of the meet (and there is no ACT test on that day.)