Cuyahoga Falls names Todd Taylor to lead boys basketball program


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When he took the post as Cuyahoga Falls athletic director, Kenny Johnson knew his first coaching hire would be to replace his old position as boys basketball coach.

“I know this was my first hire, but honestly, it will be one of my hardest hires, because I put so much into the program,” Johnson said. “This was a hire I took very seriously.”

Johnson said he will recommend long-time Green assistant coach Todd Taylor to be Falls’ next head boys basketball coach. Taylor’s position is expected to be confirmed at the next Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education meet on Oct. 16.
Hires this late in the year rarely work out. I think this is mostly because when you get this late in the year the candidates are usually not premier guys. I wish this guy the best of luck though I am fearful how it will workout for him.


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Will be interesting to see the progress of the Falls program over the next 3 or 4 years. Talent pool will play a large part in it. He's had some really talented players at Green to work with and a really good head coach to work under. He has not been as successful at his other stops when he has been head man in charge. Again, lack of talent may have played a role in that. Best of luck to Coach Taylor and the Falls program!