Coverup busted due to tattoos


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You can’t make this stuff up.
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School in St. Louis, the top-ranked small school in the country according to Maxpreps, announced Friday that it had suspended its football program for the season and fired the entire football staff for knowingly using a suspended player. It turns out that this is not a case of adults just ignoring some sort of paperwork omission, it is much worse.
The player had been ejected from the title game last year, which triggered a one game suspension this year. Instead of serving the suspension during the season opener, the player (a junior) donned a jersey with a number that was different from his normal number and played in the season opener; he was identified as being another player, a freshman. After the game, both the head coach and suspended player made comments about the player being suspended and not being able to play. The player then played in every subsequent game this season and wore his usual number. Cardinal Ritter was undefeated.
The coverup unraveled last Tuesday when a local eagle-eyed online football reporter posted an article pointing out that the supposed “freshman” who played in the opener had unique tattoos running down his right arm that were identical to those of the suspended player. The reporter posted pics from the opener and game two, showing the same ink on a player who wore the two different numbers. After an investigation, the school self-reported the violation to the Missouri State High School Activities Association and suspended its season and canned the staff. In addition, the athletic director decided to retire.
But for the ink, they would have gotten away with it.



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Heard this story. Didn't realize how it was found out.

This is one case where the NCAA-like "Show cause" should be mandated and these coaches should never be able to coach again for purposefully violating the rules. This was no accident.