Conference Realignment: SWOC Dead? What next?


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Edgewood and Ross are officially departing the SWOC to head to the SWBL, leaving the SWOC with only 4 schools: Harrison, Talawanda, Mt. Healthy, and Northwest.

Where do those schools go from here?
  • Mt. Healthy - Plenty of speculation that they would head to the CMAC. That would give the CMAC an even 8 teams in the Red Division (large school), which would make scheduling much easier.
  • Northwest - Will the district combine/consolidate NW into Colerain? (the district is in the very early planning stages of replacing the aging buildings at CHS and NWHS). Or do they try to tag along with Mt. H to the CMAC? Or are they forced into independence?
  • Harrison - Have seen all kinds of suggestions... apply to ECC, GMC, or even apply to the EIAC (SE Indiana). Or do they end up having to go independent for now?
  • Talawanda - The SWBL large school division seems like the only logical option, and they could be a 6th in the "large school" division if one of the small schools decides to bail. Nobody in the Cincinnati metro area wants them because they're so far away.
Or does the SWOC somehow keep it together? From a credible source, the SWOC sent invitations to Oak Hills, Colerain, Hamilton, and Middletown in an attempt to stave off it's demise. I've heard that Oak Hills has previously had interest, but I'm not sure why the other three would have interest in leaving the GMC. Could Oak Hills convince Taylor to come with them to the SWOC?

Do your thing, Yappi. You know, the thing where everyone throws out rumors, predictions, scenarios, and the rare bit of confirmed news. I'm gonna get my popcorn.


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Any SWOC update? There was a time I wished Winton Woods would join, I'm so happy that never occurred.