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Conference Changes You Would Like to See


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you’re right. they go good together size wise and competitive wise. i would like to see that interstate league we talked about.
In a way, Richmond would fit in as well. Geographically, they're much closer to most of these schools than the ones they routinely play in Indiana. But Indiana and Ohio's HS athletics don't mesh across the board logistically. If they did, in a hypothetical sense they'd be a good fit as well. Think Lima Senior as a comparison.


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I can tell you that the Burg as now and for several years out will not join a league with Indian Lake or Ben Logan for many many reasons. those bus rides suck worse than going to Jamestown or Cedarville, the only old WCOC team I personally would consider is Riverside. I'd be fine with out Ready not a fan of those type schools anyway.
I completely agree. The drive to IL and BL are terrible! I wouldn’t mind playing Riverside as that drive isn’t bad, but it feels like IL and BL are on the other side of Mars