Columbus bidding on state finals


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Dayton has a 0% chance.

historic crew stadium could be a real contender. It’s no secret the OHSAA doesn’t like the games at Canton. The HOF has simply been the only bid for years.


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I get what you’re saying, my man, but a Dayton selection would likely be unpopular with more people than just the NE Ohio contingencies. Further, the opportunities to “grow” interest and increase ticket sales really isn’t there IMO compared to Columbus.
If you read the Dayton thread you know what I know about the Dayton bid.


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OHSAA has no morals and let’s not pretend they’re for the betterment of the student athletes, whoever comes up with the best financial package will get the bid
What else should matter to them than the financial package? What does morality have to do with where games are played? If you want to complain just to complain, say so.