College QB starting as a Frosh (or RS Frosh)

El Indio

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I've been reading a lot about the QB situation for OSU and others and I have a serious question. Do college coaches want a true Frosh or RS Frosh starting for their team? and I mean the really good QB who would start anywhere in the country. The reason I'm asking is how would that college coach recruit another great one due to the fact they have the best QB in the country now. To me that's putting their program in a pickle. Don't you agree?


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Never thought I'd see the day where someone wouldn't want a player who can start for any team on day 1 and have 4 yrs of eligibility.

If he can start from day 1 for any team, it is a no brainer I want him. If he has success I think it becomes easier to recruit other elite QBs bc you had the balls to have an open competition and start a fresh as QB. That shows you play no favorites and incoming freshman have a chance to play right away. Also you get the designation of being a qb whisperer or qb program. Talent usually attracts other talent.

To paraphrase coach Cal, if a player doesnt want to come to UK because he may have to earn his starting spot/playing time I dont want him. He is afraid to compete and I want competitors. That is why I wouldn't want Tate Martell. Dude has a serious fear of failure problem.

I understand it is different for basketball bc they are out the door quicker but the principle holds weight IMO.