College Football 2022-2023

Unreal, so no foul called. There had to be grounding on that play. I couldn't tell where the ball was thrown.
By the way is this a SEC crew? I think in NCAA FB for OOC games the visitors get a crew from their conference. Rule went into affect after the famous Oklahoma v Oregon game.
If you ever wondered if the NCAA favors Alabama check out the Texas game. One of the worst calls on what should've been the go ahead safety for Texas.
Terrible call in Alabama / Texas game. Should have been a safety. Officials called roughing the passer and targetting. They overturned the targetting but didn't give safety.
We are finding out a lot about Alabama today. WR can't get open, DB's can't cover without holding. DL looks really good, but they can't run the ball. I don't think this is even a good Texas team, yet, but the fans have to be excited about Sark.
So if OSU dropped a spot after beating #5, how far does Bama drop with a loss today? I’m comfortable with Georgia at #1.
In all honesty, Bama should drop regardless. This team has some flaws being exposed today. Pollsters will never drop them though, worst that will happens is they lose some 1st place votes. I hope the committee remembers this game when the 1st playoff rankings come out.
Texas should be leading by way more than 6 points. They’ve thoroughly outplayed Bama. Bryce doesn’t look like the same player without Williams and Meechie.