Coaches who are NE Ohio HS grads at the FBS level?

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NE Ohio has a steep tradition in football especially with coaches.

I’m curious how many current coaches that are NE Ohio HS grads at the FBS level can listed off on this thread. I find it interesting to follow their careers as a fan especially those that move up the ranks from lower levels and so on.

but to just start off on the top of my head here’s some I can think of who happen to be from Stark County. There’s also many from elsewhere and obviously many I’ll miss. Feel free to list them off

Matt Campbell, Perry, head coach Iowa State

Brian Hartline, GlenOak, OC Ohio State

Mike Hartline GlenOak, WR & pass game coordinator Charlotte

Ryan Hardie, GlenOak Strength and conditioning Virginia Tech.

Austin Appelby, Hoover WR Coach UAB

Devin Jordan, Massillon offensive assistant Ohio State
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Maybe I'm not understanding the parameters. I figured this thread to fill quickly.

Isn't every Stoops ever been an FBS coach?