Claymont D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know exactly who you are and your a real Gem pal. Will see each other at districts this year and have a little 1-1 chat. Then u can tell me if I’m a raciest when we’re done chatting Cuz!!
Or if you guys can get someone into the state tournament this year, we could just wait until then. Additionally. I think the real Gem in this conversation showed himself a long time ago. i.e. the person that started downgrading coaches that have spent their lives dedicated to the advancement of our youth. You are actually the first person I have ever heard speak a negative word of this man. So congratulations, you are the first that I know of.
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However, I will admit, I am much less of a person than the person you attacked. I would only hope one day that I reach the level of integrity that he possesses. So you are right, I am a real Gem contrasted to him. But I refuse to allow someone to publicly and wrongly attack any of my friends. So go on with your unfounded attacks and take them somewhere else. This is a forum for wrestling and not for insults. Take those to Twitter or Facebook, or wherever they reside. Happy Juneteenth my friend.
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it’s going to be a Claymont again this year.W.H.C.H coach acted a fool at Claymont this year. Called state pissed them off as well. Already been talked about in Columbus.

Claymont puts on a great district and has a great gym and school.
Major This is the Washington CH Coach we can talk about the district. If you want to if not that’s fine also.

Louis Reid
Washington CH head wrestling coach


1. Ethan Pappas- Steubenville 170

2. Logan Krulik- Beaver Local 170
3. Khail Louive 170/182
4. Brandon Kiser 170/182
should be working in what weight classes they are going to in not where they were