Cincinnati Withrow

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Will Withrow FINALLY find a guy to make Withrow what it used to be? Or just another clown for the clown show they've had since McBride left?

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Unfortunately a lot of schools have no clue in hiring coaches. The hiring people usually didn’t play or coach. They usually hire the professional interviewer who can’t keep a job who’s usually the best BS er. Hopefully I’m wrong.


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Maybe they need to be open minded and do a real,search. Try to find the best coach possible to resurrect the program
oh gosh....
i saw them play CCD in the sectional tournament.
What a clown show!

He was an absolute clown. Walking behind the bench and bitching to his crowd. Getting them riled up to go after the refs.
oh my.


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Wow. Maybe not a good move. We’ll see. AAU Coach or just a clown ?
He is very animated on the sidelines but was able to get away with that at Gamble. Those actions won't be put up with at a big school like Withrow. He is great with the kids and a good guy. It's a risky move by Withrow but it could pay off.


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He is very animated on the sidelines, I also recall that CCD game was poorly called and they pulled the game out at the end. I am sure Withrow did its due diligence given both are CPS.

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He’s ok to coach hard and be animated. But be careful in this Soft world. Good luck going forward !