Cincinnati league predictions


Who does everyone have as the top 2 or 3 in each league?

GMC- 1. West 2. Princeton 3. Mason
GCL 1. MND 2. Mercy McAuley
ECC 1. Walnut 2. Anderson 3. Loveland
SWOC 1. Edgewood 2. Harrison 3. Little Miami
Just to start dialogue I went back to the beginning! League races are starting to take shape! These are the standings as of now.

GMC- 1. West 2. Princeton 2. Mason
GCL 1. MND 2. Mercy McAuley
ECC 1. Loveland 2. Walnut 2. West Clermont
SWOC 1. Little Miami 2. Edgewood 3. Harrison

Still alot of time and games! Should be interesting down the stretch!
Alot of good races and seems like injuries have played a big role in things. Mason, Anderson, and Edgewood have all been hit hard with the injury bug, but thats part of basketball. Should be interesting to see how it pans out.


GMC: West, Princeton, Sycamore, Mason.
GGCL: MND, Mercy McAuley, UA.
ECC: Walnut Hills, Loveland, West Clermont, Anderson.
SWOC: Edgewood, Little Miami, Harrison.

This could be a very exciting year in the GMC. West has the most Talent, but not very deep, Princeton and Sycamore are the Deepest, and I will never count out Mason. GGCL is a obvious race for second as MND is just to dominant. ECC Should be fun. I agree that WC should never be counted out with those shooters. Is this the year Loveland finally breaks through? And Walnut is a champion and will die before they give up the crown. Anderson is a wildcard but I still have them 4th. SWOC is way down talent wise which should make for a very interesting race. Harrison has a bunch of young kids that are talented, Little Miami Lost alot of veterans but have gotten use to winning. I see this as Edgewoods year though. Good solid retuners and have a little bit more than everyone else.
Always fun to look back in hindsight to see who got it right and who got it wrong 😂. I've attached mine. Didn't do to bad. Expected the ECC to be a toss up but congratulations to Loveland and Little Miami for rising up and taking care of business!