Cincinnati High School Season


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they get some kids who play grade school, but "plenty" is a stretch. The Oak Hills youth teams lack structure and often lack the knowledgable coaching that other schools have. (from my experience)

They also get kids from Delhi Middle or Rapid Run Middle who play for schools like Victory, Dominic, Visi, etc. so you'd think that would help more. I don't know much about the Oak Hills youth program other than the fact that they have one


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Hmmm !! We just beat them 3-1 and 2-0 on the season.
Your sounding like a hater. Just saying.

Just pointing out that Elder had a sizable lead in set 4. They also led 18-10 in set 1. Some may see the scores and think they were close sets, but Elder actually looks like they were in control for most of the match. Lot of hitting errors from the Bombers, lot of service errors for the Panthers.

Moeller visits St X next week, with LaSalle hosting Elder. If St X and Elder win there's a 3-way tie for GCL. If St X and LaSalle win, then X-Moe split it. If Moeller wins, they get it outright.