Cincinnati D2-4 Preseason Poll


I'd flip Bacon and Summit. Tough to argue against the 1-2 punch of Sheppard and Craig (both DI commits). Also, Summit lost an incredible floor leader in R Martin. After that talent drops way off. CCD is well coached and has some nice pieces, but no bench. Indian Hill lost one of the best to ever come out of there (DI commit Antenucci) but return two very capable players in Riggs and Isphording. McNick's schedule will have them ready, leading scorer (Barnes) was only a frosh. I *think* Mariemont has a lot of talented youth (Spreen was a frosh), but will miss their energizer guard K Dewey. I will add Taylor to the mix, without any knowledge. They had a decent year and if they return key pieces could be good.
Mount Healthy returns everyone and should be in there somewhere. They have alot of size and athleticism and experience. They beat Hughes last yr and lost by 1 to McNick and should have won that game.


Yes, Mt. Healthy is long. Tall girls. Seen them last week versus Harrison. They also can get up and down the floor real well. And they beat Hughes last week.