CHL Basketball 22-23

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Props to FT .. their student section was loud as hell. They hit FT down the stretch that Taylor didn't.
Happy Taylor didn't roll over in the 2nd half or it could have been ugly


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Rare night coming up tomorrow night where all four games are interesting and should be very competitive! Marquee matchup is Indian Hill at Wyoming. Wyoming should win but I think Indian Hill will give them all they want and could win, Wyoming by 5. Madeira blew out Mariemont the first time but I think this one will be a close game, Madeira in a barn burner. Can Taylor right the ship at Finneytown? Another great game, I think Finneytown gets their third CHL win in a close one. In the final matchup Reading visits the Park. DP almost took down Finneytown so they are playing well. I'll take the Wildcats in another close one.
Wyoming by 5 (6) ✅
Madeira in a barn burner ✅
Finneytown win ✅
Wildcats in a close one ❌

can’t win ‘em all


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Your new nickname is “Moose the Greek” 🤣…interesting thing about the Mariemont-Madeira tilt…neither Cravaack or Stewart dominated the game…they got some buckets but credit both defenses…It was the most balanced attack I have watched from my Stangs…there was a frosh from Mariemont who was very impressive…seems like this is the year of the Freshman in the league.

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One person in stands at the Taylor game last night called the game "the youth movement" 😆

One point in 3rd qtr. Taylor had 3 freshmen a sophmore and a senior on the court!


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Deer Park gets a good shot at their second win of the season today as they host a struggling Clark team.

Here's what's on the cards for Tuesday:

Madeira at Reading
Wyoming at Deer Park
Mariemont at Finneytown
Indian Hill at Taylor

Reading played Madeira really close first time around by I think Madeira wins this one by 10
Wyoming JV would beat DP, Wyoming by 30+. Oh the days of Deer Park Elite seem so far away. Gentry built such a good program! :rolleyes:
Mariemont/Finneytown should be a fun one with not much defense. Stewart scores 25+ in a losing effort. Finneytown by 5
Indian Hill is just too much for Taylor (sorry Red) Taylor's slide continues. IH by 9

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Indian Hill is just too much for Taylor (sorry Red) Taylor's slide continues. IH by 9
IM hoping the Swarm brings a good crowd tonight!
Hopefully Howard/Kincaid can end the year playing really well. Howard scored 22 vs Massie over the weekend and seemed to be the leader on the court the entire 1st half (def what they were lacking the past few weeks)

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I take lots of pics for Taylor sports
I thought Kincaid was going to throw this down....

Hayden had other ideas though


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