CHL Basketball 2020-21


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Waiting for the scoring line to come out. 41 pts curious how many of those came from walker/Crayton

McNick wasnt bad last year 17 win team (only last to LaSalle by 4 and beat taft by 1) not sure what their team looks like this year.

Maybe the CHL is up for grabs more than some thought? THis year def has things very different
All I know about McNick is that the current Senior class was something like 21-1 their Freshmen season with the only loss being to Moeller. So I imagine they have some talent.


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Looks like Wyoming basketball is shut down as both Friday boys game and Saturday girls game are postponed---join the CHL covid sutdown crowd.

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Watching the taylor aiken stream

Danny austing is pretty damn good!

I believe he has 11 so far

Taylor up 27-18 with 4 mins left in the 2nd

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Taylor 26
L'burg 21

Halfway through the 2nd qtr
Austing with 15 already....kid is going to give walker a run for his money for POY

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Taylor is going to have half their season over before most of the CHL gets out of the starting gates
Yea 8 games deep. They are off for a week.

They jumped out ahead so wonder if that will pay off.

I really think austing is a POY candidate kid is having one hell of a season.

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Taylor (6-2) vs New Miami (3-0)

Always a fun match up when these 2 face off.

New Miami's HC Jared Lee is a Taylor grad and he coaches baseball at Taylor so alot of the kids know him well on the jackets side!

New Miami has a kid avg'ing 18 and 19 a game #1 and #2 in the MVC

should be a good matchup and exciting game this year!

19-20 Taylor 80 NM 62
18-19 Taylor 56 NM 53

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Do the schools that were paused start up next week?
Has anyone heard of any extended times the kids will miss past new years??