CHL Basketball 2020-21


Deer Park is the wild card. Rumor is the well has run dry. Then again, rumor.......I look for Taylor to put up a fight for 3rd. Austin has the ability to take over in spurts and they have some other youngsters back. Wyoming, on the strength of Walker alone will be tough to beat. Add in Crayton and they look to be front runners. IH had a rough season with Lopez and Whitehead ruled ineligible. That may help them this year as role players had to step up. Big man Robinson has the physical tools, but seems to fade mentally. If he toughens up, he could be dominant. Dunno if Holloway is still at F'town (I have heard nothing) but if Godby can step up that would give them a nice option.


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The loss of Prater will hurt Wyoming but with Walker and Crayton they still might have enough to win the CHL again. I think Indian Hill has the talent, and depth the challenge them though. With Thornton, Robinson, Wachs etc. they could be a tough match up for Wyoming. I also think Mariemont will be very good, even without Megowan. Taylor will also be good. Madeira has some good young players but too inexperienced to challenge this year. I think Reading and Finneytown struggle and who knows about Deer Park? If they get more new kids they could be really good but if not, they will likely be near the bottom of the league again.
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