Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes agree to 10-year, $450 million extension


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Anyone else think this is just crazy??

The Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have reached agreement on a 10-year contract extension worth $450 million that ties him to Kansas City through the 2031 season, league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The injury guarantee in the contract is $140 million, a source told Schefter.


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Guaranteed for injury; not fully guaranteed.
Very true, but if you continue reading, there is a no trade clause. Plus this:
It also includes the ability for Mahomes to have outs if certain "guaranteed mechanisms" aren't exercised, a source told Schefter.

I think it's in the bag. ROTFLMAO!


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Big money kicks in like 5 years, so they have a window so to speak.
With that said though.....when their other talent comes up for a new deal in the next few years they likely wont be able to afford to sign them long term.

I think this COULD become a disaster. Will sports come back as big as before the Rona? Up to now the fires were raging, but after this will things start to subside a bit and the cap not keep growing like it had been....


Not only do I not think this contract is crazy, it could actually end up being a Bargain for the chiefs in a few years. This contract doesn’t kick in for 2 more seasons and due to the length of it the Salary caps will continue to increase as they have been and this contract will not look the same way it does now. Mahomes has proven to be the best player in the league regardless of position. He’s only 24 and hasn’t reached his peak yet either. He will keep Kansas City relevant for the next decade plus even when Reid retires. All around a good move for the organization.