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But riots are always wrong, even if a completely innocent black man is wrongfully murdered by the police.

True when MLK said it, and true when you say it. We've made improvements in race relations. But it still flares up. Often in obvious and irrefutable ways^, other times in overreaction or contrived. Can't erase our history of racism we can only do our best to incrementally improve going forward. Trump was not helpful he likes division I just hope we didn't take too much a backward step. He unleashed the crazies on both sides, and loved it.


I don't care how often anyone posts on here but when you say ridiculous chit that can easily be verified....don't get mad for being called out.
It's a new way of denying that he ever said he only posted 6 times the past 6 days. (either that or he'll change the time frame)

Liars gonna lie.... all day every day. No matter if they are in Ohio, the Atlantic Coast, or the Gulf Coast of Florida.
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Never know with predictions. Obama served 2 terms, Trump 1, and the center-left has actually been a majority of voters for decades. How to win elections in an electoral system is a tad different but I expect elections to swing the way they usually do. Every 4-8 years. From your vantage I am sure back-to-back 2 term republican presidencies for 16 years is an exciting notion, but we'll see.

Dems do need a better candidate also. I'll be the 1st to admit Biden is too old, not a good speaker, and uninspiring. But if that was the best way to remove Trump then he's one of the most important presidents ever. I sure as hell don't regret voting for him. Hell I'd have voted for YOU before that orange stain.
Pre-wokeness, we had a mommy party and a daddy party. Mommy provides TLC and comfort. She feels your pain. She wants to take care of you and maybe spoil you a bit. In bad times, or after a period of too much daddy, the country tends to want mommy. Daddy is about discipline, being responsible, following sound principles, adhering to the rules, etc. He will protect you and force you to do what is best for you, even if you don't like him much for doing it. When there is danger or after a period of too much mommy, the country tends to want daddy.

That's the analogy I heard Chris Matthews give many years ago - before he went off the deep end. It's not perfect, but it does make some sense and explains party politics in a simple way. We don't see 16 years of one party's president because people get sick of seeing the same people in charge and hearing the same schtick. It took the country 12 years to forget the disaster of James Earl Carter, Jr. and to get tired of the daddies that followed him. Mommy tends to let things slide and the country gets messy. Daddy comes in and restores order but gets too stern and over-bearing and wears his kids out. That's why we get this historic ebb and flow of presidents - ignoring some other factors like the charisma appeal of a candidate, what the specific foreign and domestic crises are, etc.

Mommy has been replaced with that crazy cousin in their mid-20s that never grew up and wants to party all of the time. That cousin has the Good Idea Fairy flitting around in their head all of the time and the fairy comes up with things like defunding and abolishing the police, CRT, no cash bail, no enforcement of lower level crimes and soft sentences for serious crime, emptying jails, teaching racist concepts to and sexualizing grade school children, labeling righteously angry parents as domestic terrorists and siccing the DOJ on the them, trying to ban guns, packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the electoral college, federalizing elections, flexible genders, God, scriptures, and religion are the worst kind of evils, abortion on due dates and infanticide, going to war against the only energy source sufficient to meet the needs of the country, the earth is going to be destroyed in x (x<10) years, and on and on and on. The only people who love the Crazy Cousin Party are crazy people, and while there are plenty of them, there aren't enough to be a majority in a broad, national sense.

The Woke Left has to be broken, marginalized, and put in their place. It's best for the Dems if Dems do it because that will result in the quickest recalibration and getting back on track to being a good Mommy. But if they don't do it, the Republicans and American voters will do it.

But to encourage you, I have always felt that Mommy has the advantage over Daddy in basic messaging because it jibes with human nature better. Daddy: Go get a job and work. Mommy: Let me give you some money. Daddy: Choices have consequences. Mommy: It's not your fault and I will make sure you don't suffer. Daddy: You need to live within your means. Mommy: We will blow out the credit cards to make sure you have everything you want. Mommy has the message that is easier on the ears, mind, and heart. Daddy can sound kinda mean as he makes you take your medicine. So, I think Mommy wins that debate most of the time and I think there is a built-in advantage for her. That's why I believe that eventually the US will be a giant welfare, soft to medium-hard socialist state - but, hopefully, long after I'm rotting in the ground.
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I don't worry about any of that. I prosper either way I am sure you do to. But I will not vote for someone as morally and ethically reprehensible as the orange stain. I do not see the good coming from such a corrupt and dishonest person as president. Law & Order??? Really?

Hopefully he gets purged and Desantis is allowed to become his own person and not the Trump stooge he at least pretends to be, who enjoys warring with half the country and pitting Americans against each other. I have my doubts but fingers crossed I guess. It would be interesting to see them run against each other cuz then he would have to differentiate himself. But I don't even want to imagine Trump getting re-elected at this point. He is as mentally broken as shattered piece of china.


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He already differentiates himself. Pretty dumb comment as usual lol.

Assuming he gets the nomination, he'll win 30+ states and the election will be called before midnight, while not changing a thing about himself.