Change Your Workout Regimen

I recently bought a few bags for my kids from just to test out and see what all the hype is behind Bulgarian Bags. Let me tell you from personal experience that they BURN, I couldn't do it for more than 30 seconds before getting too tired in my older age.

I found that this workout regimen is the toughest I've tried yet.

Complete this workout 2 times per week for 2 weeks. Like the other 2-day workouts you’ll need at least two days between workouts. Complete at least 3 days per week of cardio conditioning. For the most part these exercises are pretty basic once you feel comfortable with the technique. As you progress through the 4 workouts see if you can reduce your overall 1000 rep time.

1. Rotations: 10 clockwise rotations and 10 counterclockwise rotations for 20 reps.
2. Good Mornings: 10 reps. Make sure you keep your knees slightly bent while doing this one. A slow to moderate pace is fine.
3. Power Snatch: 10 reps. Let the momentum of the bag do most of the work. Watch the video for technique tips.
4. Russian Twists: 20 reps. 10 per side. Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Good core and oblique exercise.
5. Squats: 10 reps. Keep your good squat technique especially as you get tired.
6. Military Press: 10 reps. Using the straps let the bag drag up and down your back.
7. High Pulls: 10 reps. Using the straps and keeping your technique clean raise the bag as high as you can without leaning backwards.
8. Push Ups: 10 reps. Place hands on bag and touch the bag with your chest for full range of motion.
9. Shoulder Throws: 10 reps per side. This will take some learning to get the timing down for the catching on your shoulder and then popping it to the other side.
10. Bent Over Row: 20 reps. Bend over with your knees slightly bent, grasp the handles with your palms facing forward and then complete the 20 reps.

If you could give me your thoughts on these that would be great. Again I got mine at